The Motion Muddler is an innovative cocktail muddler that revolutionizes the conventional bar spoon and allows you to create dramatically delicious cocktails. There are many cocktails that use a bar spoon, but their taste depends on the bartender's skill in stirring. The art of "stirring" is so profound that it is said that it takes at least two years to master. The reason why the technique is so difficult is that it requires instantaneous and even mixing of liquors with different specific densities and temperatures. In fact, the bar spoons commonly used in bars are not structurally optimal for stirring, and the key point is how to mix the liquor well with such equipment which is difficult to use. We thought, "Well, if we develop a muddler that mixes more easily, we can make cocktails even better!" "Couldn't we make a fun bar space even more fun?", We developed the Motion Muddler out of this playful mind. We promise that the Motion Muddler will create an even more wonderful bar space.

Craftsmanship for Motion Muddler.

Each Motion Muddler is handmade by craftsmen with 40 years of experience in metalworking. From welding to bending and polishing, each piece is infused with the soul of a craftsman who puts his blood, sweat, and tears into his work.

Technical backing from an agitator manufacturer.

The developer, JMS Corporation, is a flow meter manufacturer that has been manufacturing flow meters/agitators for many years. Agitators using this plate have been used in heavy industries ranging from water supply and sewage to chemical plants, and this technology has also been applied to the cocktail industry.

Supervised by Mr. Nagatomo.

The Motion Muddler was developed under the supervision of Mr. Nagatomo of Bar Oscar, a board member of the Professional Bartenders Organization (PBO). We asked Mr. Nagatomo to evaluate this muddler.

Technological Collaboration with Universities.

Motion Muddler ’mixing power' was analyzed from a scientific point of view. We asked Professor Saeki of Yamaguchi University, Japan's leading expert in stirring force analysis, to conduct the analysis to prove the stirring force from a scientific approach.

Stylish Design Muddler.

The heart of the Motion Muddler, the plate part, has an unprecedented stylish streamline shape. We have applied a partial design for this shape, and have received positive feedback on the novelty of the design and the ease with which it can be created.

Enjoy the Motion Muddler.

You can enjoy cocktails made with the Motion Muddler at Bar Oscar. We hope you will enjoy the unprecedented bar space using the Motion Muddler.

For those who are considering purchasing.

If you are interested in purchasing the Motion Muddler, you can purchase it at the following website or from Bar Oscar. Please visit Bar Oscar and enjoy the world of "Motion Muddler" before purchasing.